How we can help

Here at the Pension Doctor we aim to provide the very best service to help you maximise your return on your retirement. We will put you in contact with one of our local financial advisers who would be more than happy to meet at a convenient time either at home or at the work place. The advice for you is free and without obligation with a view to maximise your pension and other investments for when you come to retirement.

A recent study carried out by the Financial Times found that 86% of personal pensions are currently under performing, and the majority of pension providers have higher than average charges within the plans which was also highlighted on a BBC Panorama documentary.

When taking your annuity it has been highly recommended by the Financial Services Association to have your pension independently reviewed to gain the highest rate of income at the age of retirement.

If you remember opting out of Serps (State Earning Related Pension Scheme) but are unable to locate your paperwork you can call 0300 200 3507 (Serps tracing service). Serps is now treated as a personal pension and can be amalgamated with other funds, please contact us to see if we can help.

If you have a previous company pensions and have misplaced the paperwork and forgot the pension provider please call the pension tracing service number on 0845 600 2537 or feel free to contact us to help.